925 Dublin Hallmarked Sterling Silver | Beautifuly hand nnished and assembled | Luxury presentation packaging | Includes cleaning cloth and information booklet | Bespoke branding available

Christening spoon

Sterling silver spoon with a celtic designed handle.



11.5cm Long

4.5in Long

Memento box

This highly polished box with a celtic banded lid is suitable to hold a variety of precious objects.



9cm Dia x 5cm High

3.5in Dia x 2in High

Napkin ring

Double celtic banded napkin ring, with highly polished centre surround.



4.5cm Dia

1.77in Dia

Drinks measure

The Irish spirit measure was historically 1/4 gill, it still retains this value which is now legally specified as 35.5ml. Measure has both a single and a double measure, with celtic knot centre.



13cm High

5.1in High

Christening mug

Christening mug with celtic banded base and elegantly turned handle.



7cm High

2.8in High


Plain highly polished drinks coaster with celtic knot surround, with mahogany set base.



11cm Dia

4.3in Dia