Who we are

Since 1987, Celtic Frames has been one of Ireland's most renowned Silverware Companies. A family run business offering outstanding customer service and producing the highest quality Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver Giftware, which continue to mark all important occasions.


In 1987 the company was founded by Don McManus, a jeweller working in his family business Sean McManus Jewellers Ltd which was established in 1928. Through the jewellers he recognised the need for Irish made Sterling Silver products, as at that time there were a limited choice available. He saw this opportunity and using the family's vast knowledge of working with precious metals and years of experience in the jewellery industry Don created the manufacturing process and branded the company Celtic Frames. The workshop was set up above the old shop in Dun Laoghaire producing a limited range and selling to a small number of outlets.

centenary frame

celtic frames logo on leather

Design & Production

silver frame in production

silver frame in production

silver frame in production

silver frame in production

Before the first frame was produced many Irish artists and ancient artefacts were explored. In fact the first Celtic frame was designed by Aileen MacKeogh the Irish Artist, a sister of Don's wife Maura. Aileen was the first director of Arthouse in Temple Bar. The frame she designed depicts the trinity knot from the book of Kells and this knot has been adapted into most products Celtic Frames produces. The Celtic knot is a symbol of eternity, as it has no beginning and no end.

To produce a Silver frame from the design stage to the metal form a Repousse Artist is needed, this is a very skilled profession and fast becoming a lost art, Repousse involves the artist hammering copper from the reverse side to create the frame’s intricate design, thankfully being involved in the jewellery business over a long period of time they had the most highly skilled Repousse artist working with them.


Celtic Frames grew rapidly and in 1990 Don's sister Aileen took responsibility for growing the business, while her husband Ian Kirker, focused on perfecting the manufacturing operation. The company grew year on year dealing with many famous Irish companies such as Weirs, Keanes of Cork, House of Ireland, while also establishing long lasting relationships with government departments, offering customised Sterling Silver products for foreign dignitaries and to commemorate special occasions. In 2004 whilst Ireland held Presidency of the E.U. the Taoiseach presented each Head of State with a Silver frame produced by Celtic Frames.

As the company expanded the product range diversified, including items such as napkin rings, butter knives, book markers, also adding Sterling Silver to items of glass and wood, such as decanters and wine coasters. Celtic Frames became a household name in many parts of Ireland, with people using the hallmark on Celtic Frames products to represent some of the most important occasions in their lives. The Irish hallmark is one of the oldest forms of guarantee dating back to 1637, the hallmarks represent who made it, when it was made, where it was made and what the item is made of. An explanation of these hallmarks which all our Sterling Silver products bear can be viewed in our hallmarking section of the website.

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selection of silver frames

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Present Day

celtic frames silver frame with leather certificate on

sterling silver frame commemorative case

centenary silver frame with Irish proclamation of independence

The company traded very successfully over the years, but due to many external factors in 2012 the factory ceased operating, the price of silver had increased by over 400%, combined with a worldwide economic collapse which left people with less disposable income.
Come 2016 with a huge demand from the market place for Irish manufactured Sterling Silver items, Don and Maura’s son Daniel has started to rebuild the business using the old tools and materials to produce some of the most popular products, while developing new items to meet current trends. A new generation in the company bringing new ideas adding to the company’s long established heritage. Celtic Frames is committed to offering the highest quality products combined with an exceptional customer experience.

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